Saris Bones 801

After much time spent looking at my options (I drive a 2001 Honda Accord 2-door with a ridiculously short trunk), it became painfully obvious that my only options were the Saris Bones or a roof rack.

Saris Bones 801I decided to go with Saris because it was significantly less expensive and when I changed cars it would be a sure thing that the Saris would work. The Bones system arrived disassembled, but putting it together was a snap. The instructions were almost unnecessary.

The main piece of the Saris system is an aluminum cylinder with ridges. The ridges basically determine the height of the clearance and the travel distance for the rack. For example, if you have a spoiled on your trunk, you adjust the base accordingly and a standard rear spoiler can be easily bypassed.

The base arms and the arms that carry the cycles are made of some kind of plastic composite. Personally, I think that the composite is kind of lame and it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence (because of this I’ve not tried carrying three bike). I did, however, carry two bikes a number of times without any issues. If Saris ever makes an all aluminum system I’ll be all over it.

There are three straps that tie the system down and they fit my car without any trouble. The Saris also includes bike straps on the carrying arms, as well. They are well made and easy to use.

The reason the Saris bones system is so easy to use is because it is extremely flexible. You can adjust the height of the clearance AND you can adjust the horizontal travel of the support arms, which comes in handy if you have a bike with weird geometry.

The only caveat is the plastic composite of the arms. I will reiterate that so far they have held steady and nothing has broken, but the system would rock so hard if the arms were made of aluminum. Perhaps there is a reason other than cost associated with the existence of the composite arms (maybe the weight of the bikes would help strip the screw taps, or scratch the bikes). But if cost is the primary reason then I beg Saris to consider building an all aluminum system as it would become the best bike carrying system on the market.

Last but not least – one of my screws arrived stripped (they are also made of plastic) but I contacted Saris to ask where i could buy replacement screws. Their support said not to sweat it and that they would mail me two screws. Three days later I got the screws. Saris has a customer for life.

Product Features

  • 3-bike trunk-mounted rack conceived by famed designer Fabio Pedrini
  • Made of heavy-duty, 100-percent recyclable plastic for durability
  • Ratcheting anti-sway straps secure and stabilize bikes to rack arms
  • Arched design fits over most car spoilers; articulated rubber feet protect finish
  • Attractive, gallery-worthy design keeps bikes easily accessible; lifetime warranty

Saris Bones 801